My name is John Papp, owner of Papp Family Equipment, LLC. I am an Authorized Dealer for TNR Developments innovative and affordable, VP tabletop inkjet printer systems, made in the USA. Some of the many features of our latest tabletop inkjet solutions include, but are not limited to,

  • Xijet composer software, and feeder and 3 inches of print with optional 4.5 inches of print available
  • 100 ips. standard, which is approximately 36,000 #10’s per hour.
  • 600×600 Maximum Dpi.

    $Big savings on ink, not chipped or managed care cartridges.  Priced at only $38.00 each plus shipping.

This solvent ink will print on Metal, Varnishes, Plastics, Foils, Glossy Paper and cardboard, Packaging, Marking & Coding.   Send samples to make it works for you.

Savings on ink alone should pay for a good portion of the monthly payment if you finance.

  • Material thickness up to 5/8ths of an inch, down to 1 sheet.
  • Minimum piece length with standard feeder 2.25″
  • Minimum piece width with standard feeder 1″

One year Factory Warranty on the inkjet heads and 90 days on base and feeder.

  • Optional New conveyor with or without  drying solution. 

Free 3ft. pre-owned conveyor if I have one in stock. May or may not have dryer.  Dryer not needed on must substrates.

60 MONTHS AT $499.00 PER MO.  Breaks down to $23.03 per day based on 5 day work week.     $16.41 per day based on running 7days a week.

Papp Family Equipment ,LLC also offers affordable, simple, and quick financing options with financing from Mark Pellman at Accord Financial Group

Mark can be contacted at 937-753-1338 or by email at .

A typical tabletop inkjet system with a selling price of just $23,500 can be financed for an approximate cost of just $17 per day.

I should have two in stock second week in May.